On Your Wall

Hello there Family and Friends,

Bear and I have been traveling quite a bit the past few years, but have recently updated our equipment to allow for better quality pictures and even some printing. Actually… Bear has traveled halfway around the world, from Spain, to call the American West his home. 

As our current portfolio may suggest, we have spent a lot of time in the Southwest. We especially love hiking in untouched and harsh terrain, and are always ‘survival ready’ (that’s Mook’s forte). As a result, we have experienced a hefty number of animal encounters that may make an appearance in our work.

Our natural progression of life thus far has transferred into a style of photography we are excited and motivated to share with anyone who will take the time. While we are not committed to any specific style of photography, we enjoy landscape photography, wildlife, and even street photography. 

We have grown from shooting only analog to joining the digital age in January 2018. For the photographers here, Bear enjoys shooting with his dad’s vintage Yashica FX3 and Minolta 7S rangefinder. Mook is forever stuck on her Minolta X700. Yes, we still develop film. Stay tuned for an analog portfolio!!

We hope that each viewer / family / friends ask questions, give us suggestions, and put in requests that they may want to see from our work. We are always growing and evolving. Bear even wants to start printing a few pictures that are currently posted.

Which one would you like to see on your wall?